Mary and Trevor’s Heart of Of It All House

Why it’s so awesome:  This stunning 224 square foot home is one of the coolest modern-rustic tiny houses we’ve seen.  It looks so much bigger than it is. They did most of the work themselves, with help from friends and family, and used the hOME plans by TinyHouseBuild as their main reference.


Their gorgeous tiny home interior

Isn’t this house simply stunning?


The Alpha Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes

New Frontier Homes is on a mission to bring great design at an affordable price to people across America. They focus on extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to details.  


This Alpha Tiny House is absolutely stunning inside.


The Alpha Tiny House footprint can be expanded by opening up the side and dropping down the deck, for some fantastic indoor-outdoor living.

The 246 square foot Alpha model is their main current “model.”  They say a typical Alpha tiny home with top of the line appliances costs about $95,00.  They can customize this model, and they also do custom builds.


Matt Impola’s 250 square foot portable tiny house is a hand-crafted masterpiece

The designer/craftsman did most the work himself, primarily on weekends.


Matt says he wants to “play a part in the rebirth of American ingenuity and quality in manufacturing.”


The Roanoke – portable tiny house by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company


Atticus, A Rental Tiny House in Mt. Hood’s Tiny House Village


Atticus has a woodsy, rustic interior that sleeps three people.


The portable Indigo tiny home from Driftwood Homes USA


The Indigo tiny home has beautiful barn wood accents and custom cabinets for a rustic-modern look.


The Wedge by WheelHaus is a rustic modern tiny house with a lot of space – 400 square feet


The Wedge home has highc eilings to give it a nice open feel, and the bedroom can be sized to fit a king bed!


The Waterhaus – A Strikingly Handsome 450 square foot home

This Waterhaus home ranges from approximately $65,000 to $135,00 depending on the features and what parts are done by he company.


Inside the Waterhaus. Wow, right?


The Extreme Ski Chalet on Wheels

This mobile ski home was the brainchild of Molly Baker and Zack Giffin, host of the Tiny House Nation show.  The home was built in just seven weeks once given the go-ahead by their sponsor.  


Incredibly, five extreme skiers have been known to stay in this Extreme Ski Chalet home at a time.

Despite all these people and gear, apparently smells fine.  They credit this to:  the lack of smelly mildew, the pleasant smell of a wood fire (which they often have going) and the smell of a raw wood interior.


The 28’ “Whisky Jack” Home

This home was built by ReWild Home’s using TinyHouseBuild’s hOMe plans.


Warm on the outside and cool on the outside, this Whisky Jack mobile tiny home offers a great balance of form and function.


This modern Rocky Mountain tiny home for a young couple.

This spacious and sleek interior is a great launching pad for a young couple who loves to travel.


The modern home features a roof-deck, which expands their living space.

This custom built tiny home was built by Tiny Heirloom.


The floating tiny house cabin in Maine.

This off-the grid and off-the-land home was assembled onshore and then towed to sea on a floating foundation.   The couple ferries their water out to the cabin via a canoe.  The couple uses it primarily in the warmer months, all the way until it gets cold in November.


It is like its own mini island, and the views from the deck are serene.


More and more people are joining the tiny house movement.  According to, the most popular reasons to downsize to a tiny home include financial factors, environmental concerns, and the goal of having more time and freedom (that comes with having less tuff to care for and pay for).

A non-mobile tiny house is typically smaller than 500 square feet, and mobile tiny houses are usually around 120 square feet or less according to Wikipedia.

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