Dip a gift in confetti:

To make a confetti-dipped gift, simply wrap your gift with craft paper or your paper of choice, add some double-sided tape to one side and “dip” it into confetti.


Do a cool paper weave:

It looks very unique, but it can be done fairly quickly.  For this gift, the author wrapped the gift in newspaper first and then weave some paper strips to make a cool gift wrap.Find out how to do paper weaving here.


Wrap a gift with an old map:

We love this way to make a gift stand out.  It’s visually interesting and unique, and it’s also a great way to get more life out of an old map.  Many of us having out of date maps or maps to places for which we don’t need paper maps anymore, so rather than recycle them, why not get another use out of them first?


Create a chalkboard look with chalkboard markers on black paper

This unique gift wrap idea is sure to make your gift recipient feel special. Instructions and video here.


Place a small plant under twine to dress-up plain brown paper wrap:


Make a pillow box from a printable template:

If you have card stock paper and a color printer, you can make these adorable pillow boxes by using the template available from this shop on Etsy.


Create custom tissue paper art:


This fun and fashionable way to wrap gifts is also therapeutic as you are making art while wrapping!  Find out how to do it here.


Make a bow out of ballons:


This is an easy way to dress up Kraft paper and add some zing to present.


Make a rainbow with yarn:

This idea is great because it looks so amazing, but it is also easy to do, and inexpensive, if you have yarn laying around.


Get creative with old newspapers:

An oldie but a goodie is to wrap your gift in a newspaper section. Try to choose something that will go along with the theme of the gift like home and garden or something that describes the person for whom the gift is for like the stock or business pages.  For a twist on this classic, make a unique handmade bow and toss in a few curled ribbons to dress it up.  Tip:  try ironing the paper before wrapping your gift if the paper is wrinkled. 


Make Pop-Pom Paper

To make this festive wrap, just wrap your gift in Kraft paper or the paper of your choice, then hot-glue on some pom-pom’s. 


Wrap it with old carnival tickets:


Use tie-dyed tissue paper:

If you have some watercolors or food coloring laying around you can tie die some old towels to use as gift wrap. If it is last minute, use the food coloring to create patterns, wring them out and then stick it in the dryer for a minute or two. It works well for both paper towel and white dishtowels, as long as you don’t mind sacrificing them.   Instructions here for making tie-dye tissue paper.


Use old magazine covers:

This is a great idea for adults and tweens.  For adults, use magazines that your recipient might like.  For the tween party, let your child cut out all the favorite heartthrobs and paste them together on a piece of paper. Attach those pieces together to make wrapping paper and you are giving a tween’s dream wrap.  Instructions here.


Make little gift boxes from cereal boxes:

Use old cereal boxes as a way to wrap a gift. A little Coco Puffs box can make your gift that much more spectacular.  Instructions here.

Repurpose old letters:

For your anniversary repurpose an old love letter that you gave long ago. It will remind you both of a time when you used to take the extra effort. Try not to put too much tape on it, or over the important parts so that it can be unwrapped and salvaged to hold on to forever.


Play With Tissue Paper:

Wrap a gift with tissue paper using folds to add visual interest, and then add embellishments such as ribbons, trinkets or a contracting paper.


Decorate old jars to hold a gift:

If you have a small gift to wrap use old spaghetti containers or glass jars. Use a permanent marker to draw the person's name on it fancifully, or cover it with tissue paper to make sure that the contents are hidden before the big reveal.


Make hand-painted fabric for gift wrap that be used over and over:


Tutorial here.

Piece together construction paper:

If you have construction paper around it is a durable way to hiding gifts. Piece together colors of the rainbow or decorate the pieces. Where there is a will and some artistic creativity, there is a way to create some exquisite wrapping paper.


Wrap a gift with your child’s artwork

How many times have you gotten caught throwing out those school art projects. No one can possibly keep them all. Use those pages to piece together and make a really spectacular gift for a family member or a friend that is wrapped with your child’s very best artwork. The best part is your child will be proud to contribute! 

Let your child decorate a box:

If you have an old box laying around allow your child to use their creative side. Whether they want to paint it or just draw a few words, it will surely be special!

Put a box inside a box inside a box, like Russian dolls:

Wrap one box inside of another. The more boxes, the more fun it will be. Like Russian dolls, the fun of this sort of wrap is in the anticipation of finding the right” one. 


Tuck herbs into a doily and attached with twine:

Simply tuck herbs into a pressed doily, attach it to a gift wrapped with Kraft paper and tie it with jute twine for a rustic, country vibe.

Use recycled bags:

Instead of disposing of birthday gift bags, regift them. No one will know that you didn’t buy them and everyone can appreciate your attempt at being green”.


Create art with toilet paper rolls, magazines and ribbon:

This creative gift wrap was made using toilet paper rolls (which were cut up to resemble flowers), collaged magazine pages, Joss paper, paper ribbon and a sweetgum fruit.  The items were arranged in a beautiful way on a Kraft paper wrap.

Wrap it with ribbon:

If you have some old ribbon laying around, wrap your gift with it. It will take a little work, but wrap the gift, piecing together the ends, and it will look like a candy wrapper when you are done.


Cut up an old plaid shirt or fabric:

We all have clothes that we have either been outgrown or have holes. Use some funky fabrics to wrap gifts. Plaids, stripes, and kid-themed shirts can make an excellent wrap for any present.


Use old tins:

Sometimes foods and crackers come in tin containers. Don’t throw them away. Think ahead, and use them the next time you want to wrap something small. You can also use them to create gifts like do-it-yourself baking or cooking kits. All homemade, they will know it was made with love.