Mob of High School Students Shower Their Campus Police Officer With Appreciation


Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA gave their campus police officer, Officer Mitch a party and honored him with an inspiring video done in collaboration with nice. 

In the video, countless students express their appreciation.  Officer Mitch, who plays on a high-ranked baseball team with other police officers, also received signed baseballs, personal notes and Miami Heat tickets.  

The response to the video has been great, with is being shared virally on social channels.   Most people who have made comments to the video have been very supportive and appreciative.  One woman, Jennifer Blunk, shared that works at Heritage High School with Officer Mitch, and that he has helped so many kids with tough issues.  She says he has “literally saved kids’ lives.”  Other viewers were inspired not only be the officer but also by the act of appreciation that the students took to make the video. nice is a clothing company based in Southern California.  They aim to inspire people’s fashion and their lifestyles.  As part of their work and to promote their brand, they create videos that are meant to inspire people and build communities by showing appreciation and spreading good vibes.

To all the police officers who are out there doing great work to protect our communities, we salute you and appreciate you.