Five Incredible Stories of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart


Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, that we forget what a positive impact we can have on people. Small acts of kindness can have an immense power to lift another person up when they are down. It is precisely in those moments where we can have a huge impact. These five stories prove it. They remind me that, when I can, I want to be the type of person that helps lift people up. I hope these stories inspire you as much as they inspire me.

She Broke Down When A Woman Did This in The Supermarket

One day, Redditor stefatr0n was in the grocery store with her 7-year-old daughter who wanted ice cream, but the mom couldn’t afford it. Here’s the inspiring story of what happened, in her words:

“I wouldn't call myself poor - I rent a nice house, pay my bills, put healthy meals on the table and provide for my daughter where it matters. But money is quite tight and every last dollar is accounted for so there isn't much room for treating ourselves.”

Her daughter was hounding her, “But mum, it's only 4 dollars!” she exclaimed over a tub of ice cream. “Yes I know it's 'only' 4 dollars, but it's 4 dollars I can't afford to spend right now, so please stop asking. I'm sorry.”


At that moment a woman tapped me on the arm, placed a $5 note in my basket and told me to buy the ice cream for my daughter. I immediately teared up and told her I couldn't take it. She wouldn't have it. She smiled and walked away. I looked around caught her eye and mouthed thank you. She blew me a kiss and disappeared.

Well the rest of the shopping trip was me in a bleary-eyed mess and my daughter patting me on the arm and telling me I don't have to cry.

Such a small gesture but it honestly turned my entire week around. I stopped wallowing in the fact that I have no money and found solace in the kindness and generosity of a stranger. Thank you to the kind woman (although I doubt she'll ever see this... you never know).

I wanted to share in case you ever think a small gesture would be pointless or unnoticed. You could make someone's day.”

80 Years Later, My Grandma, An Orphan, Recalled a Kindness that A Stranger Showed Her After Her Mom Died

When I was interviewing my Grandma to record some of her life stories as she approached her nineties, one of the stories that made her face light up and swell with appreciation was a story of a kindness that a stranger had showed her 80 years earlier right after she became orphaned.

My Grandma, who was less than 10 at the time, and her two older sisters were taking a train to their Aunt’s house after their mom (my Great-Grandma) had passed away from tuberculosis.


They had already lost their dad, and the three girls were moving several states away to live with their mom’s sister. A man whom my grandma thought must be well off, was quite concerned about the three orphaned girls and felt badly for them. He asked for their aunt’s address so he could send some gifts. Low and behold, my grandma and her sisters received dolls and toys to cheer them up from this man they met on the train. (Nowadays young girls wouldn’t normally take a train alone, and hopefully would never give their address to a stranger but this was 80 years ago and times were different.)

My Grandma remembers this kindness vividly. It touched her soul at a time when she was heart-broken, and she never forgot what it meant to her.

50 Years Later, This Woman Still Remembers a Kind Gesture From a Stranger:

If you ever doubted what an impact a good deed can have on somebody in need, consider the story of Redditor “NetNut58”, who experienced a few good deeds 50 years ago, and can still vividly recall all the details. Clearly the kindness had huge impact.

In her words, “One of oldest and best memories was when I was 7 or so I was invited with a friend’s family to go see a movie downtown in Chicago. There would be no way for me to explain here how big of a deal that was. Suffice it to say we lived in a housing projects and money outside of essentials was near non-existent.

We got dressed up, took the bus downtown only to find the movie we were going to see wasn't playing anymore (no internet in the 60's). To temper our disappointment my friend's mom agreed to take us to lunch at a Woolworth nearby. I don't know all the costs of the time, but the money she had for the movie didn't cover the cost of a lunch for us all (4 kids and 1 adult). The mom didn't order anything for herself and asked us kids to split a meal between two of us.

I remember us all begging and crying to let us each have our own hamburger, fries and soda. She kept explaining how she couldn't afford to buy us each a meal. As a parent now I can understand why she was near tears herself that a long planned and saved for birthday event was ruined.

Suddenly a gentleman came over and put $20 on the table saying "please buy these children whatever they want. I have enough money to afford to do this no problem" and he walked away before she could refuse. To her credit she bought us all a meal and left all the remaining money from the $20 (and the money she had) as a tip saying we had to share the good deed.

That was 50 years ago and I still remember the kindness of the family inviting me, the man helping out and the mom leaving leftover money for the waitress even though the mom could have used it. I repay those kindnesses every chance I can with others now that I can afford to do it with no problem myself.”

This Single Mom Was Dumbfounded When This Happened

Redditor “canadianlost” shares, “When I was a single mother and my son was 5 we were walking to the store with our last $3.00 to buy a small box of cat food for our cats. My son, being 5 wanted some candy. The whole way to the store he was pleading and prodding, he wouldn't let it go. As an older woman was walking past us I said to him. This is the last of our money for two weeks and the cats need food. You cannot get candy. The woman stopped, called out to me and then handed me a $20.00 bill. I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to do. She just smiled and kept walking. I probably stood there for a minute before calling out to her. She just smiled at me. That was many years ago and I still remember her face. I try to give back as I can.”

This Mom to Two Kiddos Received a Gift From a Stranger At Costco

Reddito “BytoKolob” shares, “I love stories like these, but I had never seen it actually happen until my credit card declined once at Costco while I was with my toddler and newborn. (My bank shut my card off because someone had stolen my information and was using it out of the country).”


“The lady behind me, without skipping a beat, came and swiped her card and paid for $200 worth of groceries. I tried to get her information to pay her back and she wouldn't have it.

There really are some amazing people in this world.”

Kindness Doesn’t Always Have To Involve Money

It would be nice if we could all afford to give back to those in need often, but sometimes that is not practical or possible with the demands we have. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give back. Perhaps it is with time, or perhaps it by just offering a smile to somebody who is having a bad day. An act of kindness can have the power to uplift another person, and thereby it makes a difference in this world.

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