25 Fun And Unique Ways To Announce A Pregnancy


Is there anything more filled with anticipation, fear and excitement than finding out you are pregnant? The best part about being pregnant is that it doesn’t show on the exterior. No one gets a status update saying “hey I am with child,” nor do they get a text message saying “baby on board”. Finding out you're pregnant may be the one thing, perhaps the greatest thing ever in your life, that you get to share with other people and see their excitement.

It is difficult to just blurt out “guess what I am pregnant?”. Even if it isn’t, what other chances do you get to hold people in suspense and see their face light up? Whether it is a surprise, or you have been planning for a while, being pregnant is about the most awesome new change that you can announce to friends and family. To let everyone know that something awesome is about to happen, try these 25 fun and unique ways to announce your bun in the oven….

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Take a photo



This handy prop kit comes with 10 pieces, so you can take different photos to share with different groups of your family, friends and colleagues. It is about $13 on Amazon.com

Wear a tee-shirt and take a photo



This shirt comes in different colors, and did we mention that it’s cool?  Available on Etsy.com.


Get a shirt for the Dad-to-be too



Give the Grandparents-to-be a pair of custom mugs



This keepsake mug set is customizable and is available on Etsy.com here.


“Make” a batch of beer and have a toast with your friends



Out these custom labels on a bunch of beer bottles and share a toast with your friends.  It is such a fun way to announce a pregnancy.  Get custom labels made here on Etsy.com.

Give a bottle of wine with an announcement label



Give wine bottles labeled with an announcement for key people in your life.  These cool labels are available on Amazon.com.

Order a nostalgic “baby on board” sign

If you were alive in the eighties, although probably too young to remember, there was a fad that all mothers went through where they put “baby on board” signs on the back of their cars. Meant originally to ask people to slow down and be more courteous, the bright yellow caution sign will catch everyone’s attention and allow you to break the news at will.

Send a quick pic with a funny message to your husband

To make it something special between you and your guy send him a quick pick of the positive pregnancy test with a message saying “well just because it worked doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying”.

Deliver the positive test in an envelope

If the person that you need to announce the news to is your husband, then leave a little envelope on his bed pillow. Inside there won’t be a card, just a positive pregnancy test with an “I love you” note attached.

Call and ask your parents what they are doing in a year

If you want to make the announcement in a funny way, call your parents and ask what they are doing on the due date of your pregnancy. If they say they don’t know, tell them you do…they will be visiting their grand baby in the hospital.

Send a group text

Okay, maybe not that unique, but to announce that you have a new life growing inside of you, send out a picture of the ultrasound in a group text. No words necessary, let the image speak for itself. You just may want to shut your phone off for a while because the chain pinging might make you crazy.

Wear a funny t-shirt

There are a ton of funny maternity shirts that you can wear when you are pregnant. They are funny in their own right, but exactly perfect when you want to let everyone you know you are pregnant. Wear either the “bun in the oven” or the “I’m with Mom” t-shirt, to start the conversation where you get to be the center of attention.

Change your status

Who cares if you change your Facebook status from in a relationship to single? They will care when you change your status to other. Wait about 24 hours to let everyone catch up. In the meantime, the rumors will fly. Then follow it up with status changed to "in a relationship" with a simple phrase that says “plus one” and a picture of the ultrasound.

Announce it with skywriting

Skywriting isn’t just for asking someone to marry you. It is your turn to do something grand. Tell your guy that he has little gene pool on the way via skywriting. Instead of saying will you marry me it will say “will you be my daddy?”

Use one knee

It was good enough for him to ask you to be his one and only for a lifetime. If you want to ask if he will be the one and only to your children forever, then it is time for you to get down on one knee. Present him with your first ultrasound picture asking if he will love you both forever.

Invite people to dinner and offer some “buns”

If you want to tell everyone in a cute way at once, invite everyone to dinner. When everyone is ready for dinner to be served, bring out nothing but a sheet of buns. That way you can tell everyone you have a bun in the oven. Just make sure to have pizza delivered after the cuteness is announced.

Send out save the date reminders

If you sent out a save the date for your wedding, make it your cute signature to tell everyone you are pregnant. Use your due date as the reminder and ask everyone to put it on their calendars.

Tweet it

If you have a Twitter account, then think of something fun and unique to tweet like we were a mighty force, but now the triad has begun. Something along those lines will get every on board.

Text your parents and tell them you have an early gift request

If your parents are still into you sending them holiday gift requests, whether it is May or July, send them an early Christmas list for a baby swing, they will know what you mean.

Tell your friend who can’t keep a secret

If you want to get it around quickly, there is nothing like telling that girl who can’t keep things quiet. It may not be unique or that much fun buy she’ll get the job done.

Reply plus one

For the next couple of months, when you get an invitation, make sure to tell them you will be joining plus one. It may not tell everyone at once, but you can let the RSVP be your news media.

Have a girls’ night out and don’t drink

Schedule your own girls’ night out and let the mystery be why you are the only one not partaking. As the waiter goes around the room taking orders, everyone will get it quickly.

Wait for the right time

If you want to announce your pregnancy than hold off for it to be a special gift for someone. If it is your mother who has been holding your hand through trying to get pregnant or your best friend, don’t tell anyone until you make them a priority. The best gift ever: let them know before anyone else.

Show up to an event with a silly maternity dress on

If you are a fashionista, show up at the party with a maternity dress on. It may not fit, but they will get the message really quick.

Ask to borrow a car seat

If you have a family member or a friend who knows what you have been going through to get pregnant, out of the blue ask them if you can borrow their car seat. They will get the message.

Ask someone to babysit

Pick a date, like a holiday that is months away, and ask your in-laws if they are busy or if they are available to babysit. Let them know that soon enough they better get ready to do some overnights.

Having a baby is an incredibly exciting, scary and awesome time in life. You only have one time to let people know, so make it be something spectacular. Those in your life will be just as full of anticipation as you are.