Natural Chic Kids Bedroom

This room is so clean, fresh, calm and natural.  It is a total oasis, and we just love it!


Eclectic Adventure Room

This large room features a huge slide, a climbing wall, chalkboards and lots of room in which to play.  This room is the ultimate kids fantasy room! 


Brooklyn Playroom

This colorful room features a lemonade stand, a lemon tree/ activity table, beautiful artwork and plenty of play space.


Pirate Ship Bedroom

This highly themed custom pirate ship bedroom has to be one of the most epic kid’s rooms of all-time.


Sunny Girls Room

This fresh, calm room mixes beautiful colors, natural elements and playful pieces in a perfect combination.  The room is not just beautiful to look at, it is also very functional with cleverly hidden storage space 


Modern Baby Room

This West Chelsea modern nursery will easily transition into a modern toddler room.  


The “Action Jackson” Room

This room is a dream for an active, car-loving kid.  With bold colors, monkey bars, a rock wall and a rope climb, this room is definitely one of a kind!


Tree House Room

This amazing playroom has a treehouse, incredible wall art, a swing and a smartly designed floor armoire for storage.


Colorful Kids Room With Hanging Chairs

This playful room features an awesome bubble chair.  


Montessori Toddler Room

This room features a floor bed, a teepee and a fun color combination.


The Rainbow House in London

This unique house has a hatch in the floor that takes people down a slide into the living room.  Fun!


Pokemon Room

This bright themed room is sure to be loved by any dedicated Pokemon fan.


Treehouse Mural

This beautiful tree is a custom mural!


The Family Clubhouse

This playful, functional room is designed to bring the whole family together.  The room includes a work area, a clubhouse and a family entertainment area.  


Modern Bunk Room and Playroom

This modern bohemian apartment by Incorporated New York has bright and fun sleep spaces and play spaces.


Tree House Bunk Room

This epic room includes multiple bunk beds and a custom tree house. 


Woodsy Natural Treehouse Loft Room

This natural looking loft bed can double as a fort. Fun!


Out of This World Kids Room

With a stunning ceiling mural and paint job, along with unique accessories, this vibrant room is unique and dreamy.


Traditional Kids Room

This room for a 3-year-old looks really put-together and fun, but what is interesting is that most of the design is accomplished with furnishings and accessories, rather than large built in pieces.


Kids Loft Room Conversion

This imaginative room has a climbing rope, a teepee, a chalkboard wall and calming neutral colors. 


Colorful Teen’s Room

This sophisticated teen’s room has a colorful, glamorous vibe.


Kids Spaceship Room


Despicable Me Kids Suite

This highly themed room is actually a hotel room at Universal Orlando’s Loews Portofino Bay Hotel


Super Mario Room

Imgur user dakotanoodle hand painted this room. Wow!  Apparently it took “forever”!