The box itself was crafted by his uncle.


Inside the box were significant items from his elders. Here is his great-grandfather’s tie clip.


His uncle’s inspiration gem, which he polished himself and kept with him for inspiration.


And another great grandfather’s pocket knife.


A medal that his father won for being MVP of his high school basketball team.


A script written by his great grandfather, Sidney.


His grandfather Sam’s college ring. He was the first person in his family to graduate from college.


His great-grandfather Michael’s pipe.


His grandfather Bills pocket watch.


A baseball autographed by Nolan Ryan, which was given to ElderCunningham’s uncle at a time when he was struggling.

He cherished the ball as a sign of hope.

ElderCunningham says that his parents created the tradition for him. He keeps the box on his desk, and often looks at its contents. He has contemplated what he will out in the box, and thought he might put his elementary school diploma in it since he graduated right after being released from the hospital for surgery to remove brain tumors. The graduation, thus, had deep significance to him and reminds him that “I could survive anything.”  But alas, since he is still in his 20’s now, he might think of other things to put in the box later, perhaps a cherished item from adulthood.


While ElderCunningham’s family created the box for him, this next story from Imgur user dtrosenb is about what is inside a 60-year-old chest from a dtrosenb’s Great Grandpa.


The Great-Grandpa’s chest was found in the attic. It hadn’t been opened in 60 years? What’s inside?!

They had to get a locksmith to help unlock the chest.


Inside were several interesting things, like these coins from the 1800’s. One penny was from 1828!


A sugar certificate that dated back to WW2.


The chest had a kit for making shotgun pellets.


Buttons that date back to the Civil War.


An 8 mm film editor.


An American National Red Cross Certificate

It is so fascinating to look at treasures from the past.  For more details on the Elder Box, please see the comment thread.