Eliza lived with this nasty kitchen for 2 years, and then suddenly realized that she didn't have to put up with it!

The place was "yellow and stick and sad" and seemed to always be dirty.  On top of that, her roommate splattered food everywhere when cooking (but didn't clean up well), so once the roomie moved out, Eliza went nuts making over the kitchen in just two weekends.


She started by painting the walls with "Waterscape" by Sherwin Williams.


For the floor, she didn't want to spend more than $1 per square foot. She looked at tile but ended up going a different route.

She found plank-style adhesive flooring from Lowes' Style Selection line and went with "Woodland Oak."


She started doing a herringbone pattern but realized it would take a plank-cutting to make it work.


"Whew, that's better." This new pattern could only require one cut per plank instead of four.


She cut all the planks. She says her set-up wasn't perfect but she made it work.


She removed the baseboards, and it was incredibly nasty underneath. Yuk!!!


Next, she laid down the floor. She used an old fashioned rolling pin to roll the tiles down.

She says she didn't have a floor roller and didn't want to rent one and then figure out how to carry it home on the subway. 

To clean the floors before sticking down the new tile, she used Simple Green first and then Windex later.


Getting closer!


She glued new baseboards to the brick.


There were a couple of gaps in the tiles, so she filled them it a $3 tube of brown grout.


You can barely even tell there is some grout, and only if you look super closely.


For the cabinets, she painted them a clean white.  So much nicer than before!


Lastly, she added a few finishing touches. Voila! The incredible $100 makeover!

For more details on the project, check out her notes on Imgur.com. To see more of her projects, check out her blog:  BestFriendsPizzaClub.com.

If you thought this incredible $100 kitchen makeover was great, you may be interested to see how one man turned a nasty countertop into a cool faux-granite countertop for less than $40.


Imgur user "2BNamedLater" wanted a new countertop but didn't want to spend much.


The existing countertop was literally falling apart. So, 2BNamedLater decided to refinish it.


First, she took off the first side of the countertop, which came off easily.


The other side was a lot harder to get off.


She could only chip away an inch at a time. Argh.


2BNamedLater began to think that the project was a bad idea, so she looked to the internet for ideas.


She tried to loosen the glue with a hairdryer, and then her husband brought home a heat gun. Way easier!


Next, she sanded for several days and then rolled on oil-based primer.


She says in hindsight she would have used tinted primer as it would have saved a lot of time later.


To make "faux granite," she would layer on many layers of paint using a sea sponge. Here's the first layer.

This is tan paint she got at the dollar store.


Next, she added copper acrylic paint, which cost $2.49 from Walmart. It gets better, really, it does!


The third layer was gold acrylic paint. The counter was still busy but she'd fix that!


The first three layers went down in one evening. Coming up, the layer that pulled it all together...


The last coat was burnt umber, which gave the counter a cohesive look.


Her husband, a contractor, worked on the plumbing.


Next, she used six layers of varnish to finish it.


To finish it off, they got a granite composite sink and fancy taps.

The counter top part of the project cost only $34.50, but the sink and taps were expensive.  Nice makeover, 2BNamedLater!

For details on this makeover, check out the comments on Imgur.com.

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