Imgur user sixstringhook and his wife wanted to make their son a unique play kitchen for his birthday. They started by buying an old solid wood entertainment center from Goodwill.


It only cost $20!


They brought it home, took off the doors and prepared to sand it down.


After the varnish was removed, sixstringhook added a piece of plywood at the bottom to separate where they oven and the stove would be.


Next they cut a hold for the sink, and used a $4 dog bowl for the sink. Nice thinking!


A lot of the parts for the mini kitchen, like the faucet, came from a local Re-store for used home renovation parts.

We love that it looks so realistic and because they recycled old parts it was also good for both the earth and the wallet.  It’s a (triple) win-win-win.


Next, they cut holes for the burners.


They took the glass out of the door and put in a piece of plywood instead.


With fresh paint, it was coming together.

They got greenish paint, grey paint and white paint for a total of $7.


For the range top, they used a piece of plexiglass and used spray paint to spray the underside of the plexiglass black, except where the fake burners would be.


They screwed down the plexiglass and added an oven door.


One of the coolest parts of this play kitchen may be the “burners” they made using Electroluminescent wires.

He says, “This stuff is pretty cool. It doesn’t get hot and runs on a battery controller. I routed trenches for the wire on the underside of the range top and after running the wire, screwed a piece of plywood on to cover them so they cannot be seen from inside the oven.”  He bought the wire from Amazon.


Each button on the back panel controls a burner or the oven, so the unit doesn’t draw power until a switch is hit.


All the burners can be turned on at the same time, is just dims a tiny bit.


The oven rack inside is actually a stackable rack intended for counter top storage.


The door got chalkboard paint, and the kitchen was all ready to play with!


His son couldn’t be happier playing with his new kitchen!

Way to go sixstringhook!  Here’s another cool kitchen play set build using old furniture.  This one comes from Instructable user rmkershner, who used an old family entertainment center to make a play kitchen instead of paying $800 for one they liked from a retail store.  Plus he says, “I feel like its better quality and it means more.”  Looks like it was a fun project to do, too!


Here’s the furniture before it became a mini kitchen play set.


He started by measuring out what they wanted to do.


For the doors, they used magnetic paint from Lowe’s so they could put magnets on the outside.


They used real burners for the oven, which they cut flat and glued onto wood circles they had cut and rounded.


For the “window” in the kitchen they made curtains from fabric they bought at Walmart.


They painted the fridge and dishwasher white and added metallic spray to the oven. The countertop is laminate and the sink is a salad bowl.


With some decorations and toys, the play set was all done. It’s a beauty!

For the full instructions on how to make this playset, click here.

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