He started by ripping out the drywall and wiring and arranging the cables, which was no small feat since he wired it for two TV’s and three signals (Composite, Component and HDMI).

He says, “Since I wanted every television and console to always be powered and plugged in, I installed one electrical outlet per television and 4 outlets for the consoles. Then, I brought all of the video cables between the two televisions for easy swapping, using central vacuum outlets to bring the cables in the wall.”  He elected to distribute things across four fuses to cut down his risk.


Next, he cut drywall to fit all his outlet holes, which turned out to be quite hard to do.


He crossed his fingers that it would fit his wall and then he drilled the drywall into the studs. It fit!


Drilling done! With the drywall in place, it was coming together.


High Resolution Cable Set Up

He says, “I brought all of the HDMI cables (X360, PS3, PS4 and laptop) through a cables wall plate. Then, I used HDMI cables to extend both televisions inputs between them, with dual HDMI outlets. So the left HDMI outlet sports HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 of the left television, same for the right one, allowing me to choose which console to plug where. The top Toslink outlet is linked to the surround sound system, allowing me to choose what television will be using it.”


Low-Resolution Cable Set Up – Looking Good!

He says, “I did the same thing for the Composite and the Component cables, for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Wii and PS2. I decided to merge both television's Composite inputs in the same wall plate, for economic and stud reasons.”


He Labelled The Cable Swapping Area So It Would Be Easy To Make It All Work


After He Installed Furniture The Room Was Almost Ready To Go


To Hide The Cables, He Could Just Swivel The TV’s Since They Were On Swivel Mounts. Sweet!

Nice work, RockfordQc, we hope you and your girlfriend have a fun time gaming with this sweet set up.

In this next story, a man took a different approach and locked down his epic tech room. What’s inside will blow you away!


Room #2: The Room Has a Biometric Lock To Keep His Kids Out


His “Command Station” Inside Has 5 Screens.


Five screens is a whole other level!


"Ergotron LX arms with custom riser threaded from conduit."


Most of the cable management was under his desk.


He says he needs five screens for programming and streaming various things.


His mini fridge is under the desk. We imagine this must really come in handy.


He has a M-audio, Grado and FiiO


And some great posters to liven up the walls.


And some funky zombie art.


Here’s a wide shot looking back towards the door.


There’s also a lounge area and comic corner…


With 2+ cabinets full of…comics! No wonder he needs a biometric lock!


And a comic wall, featuring some of his treasures (signed copies or favorite artists etc..)


And of course, his dog hangs out with him in the tech cave.


Meanwhile, vannatter also has a “tech lab” of sorts in his basement.


Where he tinkers with old headphones and where he keeps his server rack to power his devices plus those of his family (including five kids).

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