Here’ a snapshot of the project, but it is how they did it and how they saved money that is so interesting.


This is the camper exterior. It’s a 1998 24’ Nomad.


To start with, they ripped out the old stuff.


Another “before” shot of the living room.


The existing carpet was only in one place in the bedroom, and the carpet was worn out, so they ripped it out to have the laminate flooring be throughout the camper.


This is the dining table “before”


While doing demolition, they picked out material for the seating and curtains, which one of their mom’s would create.

Here’s the mock-up she made.


Next, they taped up the windows to prep for painting.


They painted the bedroom white. Here it is part way through.


In the kitchen, the cabinets and the walls got a fresh coat of paint.

This would really brighten the room up. But it was a lot of work rolling the paint, so…


They bought a Wagner Flexio 590 handheld paint sprayer to make it easier.

Luckily they were going to add new flooring, so it didn’t matter if the floor got some paint spray on it.


The camper got pretty hot with the AC off while the camper was parked at his parents’ house.

He just had the vents and the windows open for air flow.


They painted section by section.


Almost done with the painting.

Most people at this point thought it was so white, but there were no finishes or decorations in place yet. 


He used the bed platform as a table to paint the cupboard doors.


With the painting done, it was time rip up the carpet.


The flooring underneath was really ugly, so it would have to go, too.


Even though he had never installed flooring before, he said the flooring was really easy to work with.  He just had to score it with a utility knife and it would snap apart where the mark was.


The camper was getting pretty cluttered with tools and materials, so they had to just work around all the stuff.


Floors done.

 He says it took him about six hours total, which he split between a few days.


They kept it quick and easy with a stick-on vinyl countertop.


The cushion upholstery and curtains came out great.


They put the cabinet doors back on and added new hardware.


With new doorknobs and the new counter throughout the kitchen, the kitchen was complete.


They started using the camper, even though there were a couple of small things left to do: painting the ceiling and adding inserts into the upper cabinets.

But, they have a sweet camper, so that’s OK.  Sweet!


For another take on a camper remodel, check out this quick remodel by Reddit user landonjohnzoeymary, who also took an old camper and gave it a major refresh.  He started with a 2001 Forest River Wildwood 28' Bunkhouse, which got both an exterior and an interior remodel.

Here’s the living area “before.”  Yucky!


Here’s the master bedroom and the fold-down couch area part-way done.

Their tip: get a $50 mattress pad from Amazon to make the renovated bed more comfortable.


Here’s the dining room with the floor down and some of the upholstery done.


With the flooring all done, the camper was really coming together.


Their camper had an upper bunk, which would get a new mattress and bedding.


Voila! Kitchen done!

Nice touch:  chalkboard paint on the fridge panel, which they would use to write out each campground’s activity schedule.   They were ready to roll!

For the exterior, they caulked and sheet-metaled it, painted it and washed everything down with pro-grade mold cleaner.  In the future, they plan to add a canopy and a new AC unit.

Landonjohnzoeymary says the project took them about four weeks.  Seems quick! He plans to use it for the year and then sell it to get an older Class A camper, which they may remodel as well.

I must say, seeing all these camper remodels is really making me want to do one of my own.  How about you?