On a very hot day, a friend spotted the dog lying under a tree panting hard but not moving.


By the time The Street Dog Team got to her, she had moved to a carport, but was still struggling. The rescue team was worried.


The poor girl was so hot, hungry and thirsty.


“When we offered her food and water, she came right up to us. It was clear she needed help and we were glad that she trusted us so quickly,” said The Street Dog Project Team.


We were able to leash her and rushed her to the vet, where they learned she had wounds from being attacked by another dog.


At the vet, they scanned for a microchip but she didn't have one and after reporting the dog, they determined she was homeless.


They named her Mika.  When they returned to see her a few days later, she seemed to remember them. Mika was all smiles after a few days of food, water, care and air-conditioning. 


She loved to be petted and give kisses. They said, “She knows she's safe now!”


She was feeling so much better and was already wagging her tail.


She wasn’t happy to have a bath, but she tolerated it and looked amazing afterwards!


Underweight, weighing only 35 pounds, and positive for heartworm, Mika would need additional care.


Despite this, she was ready to find a home and the team began to look for a foster home or forever home for her.


In the meantime, The Street Dog Rescue team continued to look after her, and took her out of boarding for a day at the office on “Take Your Dog To Work Day.”


She was so loving to everyone at the office., and even played “peek a boo.”


She didn’t hesitate to make herself comfortable.


About a month after being rescued, Mika went to a foster home, where she settled in well.


Mika became good friends with the foster family’s other dog “Happy.”


She was so happy there and was learning so much.


She was also getting plenty good rest to recover from her days on the street.


The rescue team said, “it couldn't be going any better.”


Mika still needed heartworm treatment, so they set up a GoFund Me Page to seek support for her care.


Mika is a total gem, and is available for adoption. Interested parties can inquire on TSDP’s Facebook page or through PoundWise.

Thank you to The Street Dog Project and to Mika’s foster family for saving Mika.  

To help TSDP, please visit their Facebook Page to learn more about fostering, adopting or donating to support their mission.  The Street Dog Project has saved more than 34 dogs in their first 5 months of forming, but the team combined has saved over 700 animals prior to forming The Street Dog Project.  They focus on streets dogs in Dallas.  In addition to recusing dogs, they make a difference by encouraging the community to take care of thir animals.   "One of the volunteers for SoupMobile came up to us and said, 'Since you've been coming here, I've seen less stray dogs on the streets and I've seen people treating their animals better,'" The Street Dog Project’s Jean-Paul "JP" Bonnelly told Dallas CultureMap. "That's how you know it works. People tell you it works.”